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How My Role Helps My Clients.

"I'm going to SUE you!"

These words are where civil litigation attorneys become important. Someone feels that they have been wrongfully injured in some way and they will look for an attorney to seek justice. On the other hand, the sued party will seek an attorney to defend themselves.

You may be a big fan of the many Emmy Award Winning television dramas based on courtroom dramas (I am too!). However, seldom does a case happen like on these shows.

I am going to show you a little piece of how the real process happens so you can understand how my role as your civil litigation attorney can benefit you.

The Scenario:

The two parties mentioned above have a dispute. If they cannot work out their differences and resolve their situation, the decision will be made by a judge or jury in a courtroom. If the dispute becomes one of these cases, you will want the most talented and skilled litigator presenting your case in court.

Most cases, however, are concluded by the parties agreeing to a resolution before it ever reaches the courtroom. This scenario is likely to have an improved outcome if the party hires an experienced lawyer to help them handle this situation.

How a Litigator Like Me Can Help

Evaluation: The first step is to hear the party's story and evaluate the facts using my training and experience. This evaluation will help give an understanding of the potential outcomes from the action of suing or being sued. Is there a good case? Does the adversary have a good case? What are the potential results and how would they affect my client? These are all important questions and it is very valuable to have a professional like me give an injured party an honest opinion.

Gathering Information: If the party does decide to proceed, the next part of the process is to collect as much information relating to the case as possible. Considerable time is required in this stage. Depositions, interrogatories, and subpoenas are legal methods that often yield very important facts for the case. A skilled lawyer is needed to perform them effectively.

Arbitration and Mediation: These are methods to help the parties reach settlement without having to take the case to the courtroom. While these are designed to encourage the parties to communicate and reach a resolution together, having an experienced civil litigation attorney answering questions and giving advice is extremely valuable.

Negotiations: Negotiation is a vital skill, and preparation is the key to developing the client's position. A strong litigator is well trained in getting ready to negotiate on the party's behalf. The strongest negotiating position will dominate the outcome of the settlement.

Trial: If the dispute does end up going to trial, the process might last a couple of months or a couple of years. It is important to have an established civil litigation attorney who will be around for the entire length of the case. If lawyers are changed before the trial, significant delays may happen.


If you're embroiled in a civil dispute, feel that you might be on the verge of being sued, or feel you may have a case to plead, don't hesitate to contact us.


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